Merry New Year!

Talking Trading Places on Good in Theory podcast

Hey everybody!

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been posting here this year, but I trust you haven't missed Weird Blog much. With Covid around, we're all reluctant movie critics now. Still, I have a lot of almost-finished writing I’m looking forward to polish & post in the new year, so hopefully there’ll be some life back in this newsletter soon. In the meantime, if you simply must have more of that Sep-quality (i.e. irrelevant and unfocused) film opining in your life, you can listen to the latest episode of Good in Theory podcast, in which old Theory buddy Clifton Mark and I discuss the 80s Eddie Murphy movie Trading Places. In particular, we talk about why the cold capitalism at its core makes it one of the few rags-to-riches Christmas stories I can stand.

See you all in 2021!

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